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Behavioral Health Assessments & Therapy


Expert Pain Care relies on behavioral health reporting from Lucid Lane. They operate as an extension of our care team and part of your integrated pain management plan. The treatment modalities that they offer are proven to help reduce pain by up to 30% which is equivalent to taking a medication like oxycodone. Their multidisciplinary team provides treatment that can significantly help improve your emotional well being and your long term ability to recover after surgery.

In order to provide adequate care, we need the behavioral health reporting from Lucid Lane – just like getting bloodwork done a behavior health assessment provides a more complete understanding of your healthcare needs.

Behavioral Health Assessments & Therapy


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We consider Lucid Lane an extension of our care team and part of your integrated pain management plan. We ask that you start treatment with them for 30 days so that we can monitor and get a comprehensive understanding of your pain and quality of life pre and post surgery. At our next appointment, you and I will go over the progress you’ve made with them as a critical part of my protocols.

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Mental Wellness

Therapy happens over messaging, video, or over the phone with our own counselors. They use evidence-based approaches in structured, goal-oriented sessions. Our approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Coping and Emotion Regulation, Psychoeducation, Crisis Management, Reflective Listening, Mindfulness and Empathy.

Pain Relief

Whether you are preparing for a painful surgery or living with chronic pain, our pain program teaches you essential skills to regulate your pain. These therapies, called mind-body therapies (MBTs), have been scientifically proven to reduce pain and the need for pain killers and can be used in conjunction with medications your doctor prescribes.

Opioids & Benzodiazepine Management

Our licensed counselors will work in collaboration with your prescribing doctor and guide them on how to manage your medications carefully and safely using evidence-based guidelines for opioids and benzodiazepines (slow tapers with breaks, guided by patient’s capacity to tolerate symptoms). Our programs provide therapies that have been scientifically proven to improve the comfort and success of your tapers.

Recovery & Relapse Prevention

Our counselors partner with you to personalize your program to meet your goals for reducing or stopping your alcohol or substance use. They use strategies that have been scientifically proven to help you stay on course. Our therapists personalize treatment to fit into your life.

What does treatment look like?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a widely researched, time-limited psychotherapeutic approach that has been shown to be effective across a number of mental and behavioral conditions. CBT involves a structured approach that focuses on the relationships among cognitions (or thoughts), emotions (or feelings), and behaviors. Treatments based on cognitive behavioral theory have been successfully applied to the management of chronic pain, either delivered alone or as a component of an integrated, multimodal, and interdisciplinary pain management program. Evidence suggests that CBT-CP improves functioning and quality of life for a variety of chronic pain conditions.


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