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Dr. Skaribas Partners with Abbott on the NeuroSphere™ myPath™ App

Dr. Skaribas Partners with Abbott on the NeuroSphere™ myPath™ App

Dr. Skaribas is excited to announce that he has been selected as a Limited Market Release (LMR) site for the NeuroSphere™ myPath™ App., the latest Spinal Cord and DRG Stimulation patient-centric innovation within the Abbott NeuroSphere™ Digital Care platform. This opportunity gives Dr. Skaribas and his patients early-access to this powerful and intuitive digital patient management tool. 

This new app will allow patients with the Abbott neurostimulator applications to record their pain relief during a device trial period. Reporting outcomes from spinal cord stimulation or dorsal root ganglion therapy gives physicians real-time data insights on treatments.

Expert Pain Care will be the first practice to provide the latest in spinal cord stimulation care in partnership with Abbott’s NeuroSphere™ myPath™ App. They are the first practice in the Houston area who specializes in neurostimulators that will have this new program available as a part of patient treatment.

With the NeuroSphere™ myPath™ App, you will be able to:

The NeuroSphere™ myPath™ App will be available in the Apple App Store in the coming weeks and will be compatible with the latest iOS operating system. This is an exciting opportunity for Dr. Skaribas and the Expert Pain Care team to partner with Abbott in order to create advanced solutions for their patients!

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