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Serial ganglion impar blocks in a patient with nutcracker syndrome refractory

Serial ganglion impar blocks in a patient with nutcracker syndrome refractory

Serial ganglion impar blocks in a patient with nutcracker syndrome refractory to left renal vein transposition



Nutcracker syndrome is a rare disorder caused by compression of the left renal vein, usually between the aorta and the superior mesenteric artery. It typically presents with left-sided abdominal pain and hematuria. Left renal vein transposition is the most commonly employed surgical technique to alleviate the compression.

Case presentation:

A 22-year-old Caucasian man with a known diagnosis of nutcracker syndrome had undergone left renal vein transposition 1 year before presentation without any subsequent pain relief. In addition, his surgery was complicated by massive blood loss and a 1-week-long stay in an intensive care unit (ICU); as such, he was not amenable to further surgical intervention or stenting to treat his underlying pathology. His symptoms included constant sharp left-sided flank, perineal, and testicular pain. A series of ganglion impar blocks were performed every 3-4 months over the course of 5 years with substantial pain relief achieved.


Our case report highlights a treatment option that has not yet been described for patients with pain secondary to nutcracker syndrome refractory to surgical intervention.

Read the full journal article here

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